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This is about as easy as it gets. A card game that requires you to predict whether the card to come is going to be higher or lower than the card shown. Probably as much a test program as it is a real game, however, it does have functionality so it's being published here.

This game tests a number of different functionalities like basic animation, connection to the host server for the hi scores and creating a layout.


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Links to Launch / Download Hi Lo Card Game App

Java Applet - Launch Hi Lo Card Game as a Java Applet
Online Game - Launch Hi Lo Card Game as a server based web app

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Comments on Hi Lo Card Game

2 comment(s)
2023-02-05 15:43:02
What an amazing and strategic game.

2023-02-05 16:15:01
Yeah, a lot of work and effort was put into it's design and build
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2 comment(s)

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